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We have been working with the internet since its creation. Crossing over from the Dial-UP BBS days, we were lucky to be there, to see the birth of the internet. We were there when the first numbers were assigned,when the first domains were registered,when web sites were only text. Like the creators of IPv4, we didn't see it coming either, but it did. The internet grew to a size so profound, we are now out of ipv4 address space. But are we? Yes we are, unless you know us that is. We are well qualified to find your company its very own IPv4 Address space, even now, with the global shortage at hand. In fact, our long history permits us to know how and where to find IPv4 available space. We have been collecting it for quite some time, preparing for this drought. You have found the company who can get you the ip space you need.

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  • +1 323-345-6236
  • Skype: jellydigital
  • Twitter: @heyjellydigital
  • mgmt@jellydigital.net

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If your company needs ip space, you are at the right place. We responsibly sell IP space to companies in need. Contact us today to begin.


Do you require IP space on a smaller budget? We can arrange a short or long term lease for you. Contact us today!


Does your company have excess ip space it is now ready to sell? Contact us today to work with our buying agents. We will take care of all of the details.

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Telephone: +1 323-345-6236
Skype: jellydigital
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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How much ip space am I able to purchase?  What are my options in space sizes?

A. We have ranges of various sizes from /24 all the way through /8. Your ability to purchase ip space will be determined by several factors depending on the type of purchase you do. The easiest type of ip transfer is an asset related one, whereby there is no justification necessary because you are buying a companies asset(s).  In other cases, you may be limited by RIR policy based on your geographical location and how much ip space you can justify needing.  We can work with the RIR in your region to get you pre-qualified in this case to determine the space you are able to obtain from us.

Q. Do you check the ip space you are selling to make sure it is clean?

A. We perform due diligence on all ip space we acquire and/or engage. We check to make sure the ips were not used for anything nefarious and are free and clear of any and all liens and encumbrances.

Q. We are a mailing company and would like to purchase IP space for use in our mail operations, are we able to purchase from you?

A. The short answer to this is no.  Our mission is to responsibly distribute the remaining ip address space.  We do not believe that using ip addresses en-masse for mail operations is good for the environment of ip space in general.  It is wasteful of such a valuable resource.  We also feel that an honest mail operation would not require large amounts of ip address space.  If you feel your company is ethical and is in true need of ip addresses for mail, please contact us.

Q. How does the buying process work?

A. Typically we first talk a bit via email or phone/skype and garner some information on your needs.  Once we understand fully your needs and we know we can support you, we will ask you to sign our NDA which is required of all our customers.  After the NDA is received, we can begin talking about pricing and ranges in detail.  There are many options from many regions so this is an important part of the process, the "match-making" stage.  We match you with the space that fits your needs. We discuss pre-approval from your areas RIR as well as ASSET purchases which are typically easier to do with no justification.  We discuss timelines and goals and if all is well, we enter escrow.  All financial transactions are done through escrow.com for our joint security.  We check everything, then check it again. This closely controlled vetting process during escrow prevents any errors and oversights.  Escrow closes at the successful transfer of the ips into your control. In some cases we may ask for an Earnest Money payment prior to escrow due to the size and complexity of an order and to assure us of the buyers level of commitment to the process.  We will require our buyer to be very responsive during escrow so that were sure escrow doesn't fail due to delays in supplying documents.



Q. What terms are available for renting IP Space?

A. We offer minimum terms of 1 year and maximum terms may be negotiated.

Q. Can I announce the ip space I am renting on my own network?

A. Yes, that is the desired solution however if you wish you can order an internet connection with the ips statically or BGP routed to you from us. Our engineers can help you in all these details and even do the work for you if you opt for a managed rental agreement.



Q. I own IP space that I want to sell, what do I do?

A. Contact us today, do not wait. It is a perfect time to enter the market. We will make it easy for you and hold your hand the entire way.